House Builders in Northland

MD construction Limited is your trusted house builder in Whangarei. If you are looking to have a new home in the area, or perhaps make some improvements in your old one, we are the company to call. Our years of experience, the value we put in strengthening client-builder relationships and the workmanship we offer are the things that make us who we are. There are many home builders in Whangarei and in Northland. But none of them will work with you the same way as md construction will.

The Contractor

Mark Dobbs has been in the housing construction business since 1988. A New Zealand Certified Builder, Mark was elected as the president of NCZB Whangarei in 2004. He held the position once more in 2008. Today, he is on the NCZB Board of Directors, where he has been since he was elected in 2008.

Mark is passionate about the building industry, and he offers more than just standard-meeting houses and structures. He offers complete project management to all of our constructions, ensuring the quality and safety of our work—your future home.

Mark’s credentials as a home builder in Northland ensures clients get nothing short of high-quality projects, and his friendly and respectful approach puts them at ease, allowing for an open and honest client-builder communication.

Home Construction Services

The team at md construction offers an array of professional services such as:

  • Home Alterations
  • Renovations
  • Home Remodelling
  • New Home Construction

Our licensed carpenters and business members give our clients reliable and pleasing results, letting them live in the home of their dreams. You can, too. We will be glad to help you build and improve your house. If you are interested in our services, contact us and talk to Mark today.